Our Technology

At Atlantic Casualty, our goal has always been to be the best carrier in the General Agents office. From the products we offer to the customer service we provide, Atlantic Casualty is different. And when you add in our technology solutions, we set a new standard for what an E&S company should provide.

Our Atlantic Casualty Express System (ACES) is a property and package rating system that was brought on-line along with the ability to not only rate & quote new business, but to also efficiently process renewal, short term, special events, vacant property and endorsement quotes. With these new enhancements the General Agent can quickly and efficiently quote more business.

With enhancements to the rate & quote system complete, we shifted our focus to improving the policy issuance process. In the 3rd quarter of 2009 we started moving our General Agents to web-based policy issuance. Moving from PC-based to web-based policy issuance allows the General Agents to issue policies in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

With ACES having a robust on-line rate & quote and a web-based policy issuance fuctionality, we then focused on integrating the two systems. Why not take data from a quote and pass this information directly into the policy issuance system – forms included? While this seems logical, for years this has been very difficult to achieve. Not any longer. Our ACES system fully integrates rate & quoting with policy issuance. All data keyed into our quoting screens is passed directly into policy issuance, thereby streamlining the amount of data to be typed (or re-typed) to issue a policy. And in the case with renewal quotes, all information from the prior term policy flows right into the renewal term.

Almost all duplication of data entry has been eliminated, which saves you time and money. As you can see, we’ve done a great job building our ACES system. But what about providing tools the General Agent can use to offer to their retailer? We’re proud to announce we have two tools available. For General Agents who already own a system that offers rate indications to retailers, these systems can be interfaced to our ACES system to allow us perform the rating for you. For the General Agents who are looking for the carrier to provide a system, ACES offers a General Agent branded rating component. Both solutions come at no cost to the General Agent and can be implemented quickly and with little set-up required.

And finally, when a retailer performs a rate indication, wouldn’t it be nice for the General Agent to be able to retrieve the retailer indication and not have to reenter this data once again? We think this should be the case, and our ACES system supports this as well. So all rate indications performed by retailers are fully accessible in our ACES system, again, making it more efficient to do business with Atlantic Casualty.

Atlantic Casualty continues to be a leader in bringing innovation and workflow improvements to our General Agents. Our ACES system continues to set the standard for efficiency and ease of use. We value our General Agents and we remain committed to supply them with the best tools available to sell and service our business. ACES not only saves you time, but it also saves you money. And who doesn’t want to save a little money in these tough economic times.